Setting up Behringer X-Touch Compact in Cubase 12

I just purchased a Behringer X-Touch Compact DAW controller. I am trying to configure it with MIDI Remote, but this doesn’t seem to work the I want. For example, If I want to assign the faders to the faders in the mixing console, this only works for the first audio channel in my Cubase project. So Cubase responds to me moving the first fader of the Behringer, but not to the other 8 faders.

Is there a standard script I can use? Thanks!

Sorry i couldn’t find the thread i was looking for on here but you could always check this one out or ask the scriptors for help :slight_smile:
Behringer X-Touch One Remote - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

The quick fix is to put in into MC mode by holding the bottom left button when it powers on. (same again to switch back).

I’m 90% of the way to having a Midi Remote for the Universal in Ctrl mode. The Compact is mapped a bit different but the basic functionality is the same as. a Universal without the hard bits… for comparison, the One is JUST the hard bits.

The compact is actually the best documented XTouch I’ve seen (Compact Docs=complete, Extender Docs=Good, Universal/One Docs=you figure it out!), so if you’re happy to do some testing, I can put something together based on my Universal script.

Main thing needed is the names of the Midi ports!

Also I’m on Mac, so can’t run the editor to check: Is it possible to remap the Layer/AB buttons to send Midi, or are they locked in? From the docs it looks like they’re baked into a hardware page select, which is handy if you’re totally stand alone, but frustrating that they could do something more useful in a fully programmable environment.