setting up Cubase AI 7 for use with Yamaha MOXF6/8

I’m having trouble getting everything set up correctly, and I need some things clarified before I can start using this setup to its full potential… I’ve gone into Device Setup and VST connections and set up everything properly (per the Quick Start video part 2: Configuration) and I’m not hearing the audio played back. I have a condenser mic hooked up to the mono in 2, and I do have phantom power running to the mic (from a separate phantom power source) and I am seeing a waveform on the track that I have recorded with the mic. I’m just not hearing anything playing back, through the keyboard’s output or the computer.

I would like this all to be set up in a way that I can easily record audio directly from the keyboard, directly from a mic via the A/D inputs on the keyboard, and utilize midi for VST instruments in the most optimal and efficient way.

Could somebody walk me through how this needs to be setup? I can’t seem to find any resources specific to Cubase’s setup and use with the MOXF8. I’m sure I’m missing something.

Thanks so much in advance.

Have you been here?

Yes I have. It just doesn’t have any info specific to setup with Cubase AI 7. Some good info here about workflow (mainly applying to the MOX and older versions of Cubase) that I can sift through. Any ideas about the problems with audio playback?

Two things I can think of

  1. Make sure playback volume slider on Moxf is turned up.

  2. Make sure you disengage the track monitor button in Cubase to hear what you recorded.