Setting up Cubase LE 6 with Alesis multimix16usbfx


I’ve recently bought a alesis multimix16 usbfx with cubase le 6 included in the package. (I simply wanted something more than a tascam and a garageband). I’m using my MacPro from 2012 8gb ram, 2,5 GHz intel but sadly with yosemite software 10.10. When I finally found the version of driver I met another problem. When I’m plugging my alesis to the computer all that it’s showing is “USB audio CODEC” with only two recording inputs: one mono and one stereo. I’ve already tried to setup it up doing everything by the book but it still don’t want to work properly. I am asking for any help or tips or smth :slight_smile: . Forgive me any gramatical mistakes. :blush:

Probably your Alesis can send only 2 channels of audio to your computer (left & right). This is very common feature on these cheapish “USB-mixers”.

There is no way to change it? am I stuck with it?

Please consult your mixer’s manual, especially the Block Diagram. It should tell how signals can be routed. Unfortunately I’m not going to do this for you because of one unfortunate thing: F*cking Alesis requires me to enter personal information to their website in order to download the manual. I’m not going to do that.