Setting UP External Midi Instruments

Let me start by saying I have never come across a system as complex in over 35 years of using Midi !!
After some YouTube, I have set up some of my external synths , its going to take a while to get my head around this , I only hope once I understand there’s good reason for this !

  1. Create and Ext Inst. (set Mono or Stereo and associate a midi device)
  2. assign audio in
  3. create a Midi Device. - so this got me for a while!
    (if you have Midi device manager open, you may have to close and re open to see the new device !)
  4. Select Device
    Now that sounds easy writing it down , but man it was hard work for the first time

now if you change anything in the Audio Connections window , and already have a track added as far as I see the old added track still works, even if you have changed the set up in the Audio Connections window ?

So I have some synths which share a single USB , my Moog modular has a USB to CV ,
midi ch1 = synth 1 (with its own audio outs)
midi ch2 = synth 2 (with its own audio outs)

the only way I can see to save this is to load the instrument on. track , save it with midi Channel 2 set as a track preset , as I cant find anyway to set the default to midi channel 2 …

Agree, I wish I could help you, but it is confusing to me as well.

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