Setting up fx stems for delivery

Since I updated to 8.5 I am Working on a new film template hoping to really streamline everything as much as possible , I am at 225 tracks and almost done.

I set up 10 group tracks ( pads, gtrs, strings, hits, etc )

Now I want an fx group that my fx tracks will feed into so I can split out fx reverb, delay, etc not only for better mix down control , but delivery

However, if post production ( well the director , you guys know the drill ) pulls my guitar tracks , the guitar reverb will still be in the master fx stem, assuming I just set up one fx group for all tracks. not good.

Is there a better solution than creating 10 fx groups to isolate the fx for purposes of control and delivery ?

I know some will say just print it and don’t give post a choice…

What are you guys doing to best split out the fx ?

Edit. Just realized fx sends in the group track, won’t print to the group track exported , so. I will have to set up fx tracks for each group and route those tracks to stereo out…so we will have 10 fx tracks or more to export …to match the groups …

One way is to have separate fx for each group-stem. They can be identical for all instances, if you need them so. This way when you output stems, effects are printed into each stem.
Or you can have global effects, but export stems one by one, by soloing. In this way you can export also separate effects track for each stem. You can also print just effects for each separate stem as wav and add them into your group one by one - ten groups means ten effect stems. It is a bit more work, but if you need separate stems with separate effects, this can work.
Another approach is that you simply commit to sound and print all effects as you mix, and have them as audio tracks. This is more time consuming, but opens some new editing options, plus it frees cpu, plus you get exactly what you hear (especially with modulated effects).
Or a conbination of above, with some printed into tracks in groups, some realtime within groups, and some realtime global for all stems, depending on situation.

Thx for the suggestions , nick? I use batch export , and each cue in one pass, ( I have to move fast ) I tried output of stems (groups ) but the fx didn’t print to groups, is that because of batch?

Thinking of printing fx for each group…so would need to set up fx for each group then…

Yes, you cannot use batch for stems with global sends, it grabs signal directly from group. To have global fx sends printed on group stem, you need to solo stems one by one, and grab signal at stereo out. To use batch I think the only way is to set send fxs for each group separately.

Instead of doing it at the end and be stuck I render track for FX as I go along (everything got 2 tracks dry and fx) Exemple Guitar 1 and Guitar 1 Fx-reverb-and-delay So each track got its effects on a rendered audio track . So I am never stuck at the end in the kind of problem you have now. Coz its important to mix the desire fx with volume eq pan etc or be able to decide to bypass it in some case. The problem is you need to separate fx too not only dry tracks Maybe… you could try my method next time It takes much time along the way though Good luck and have a nice week end sir