Setting up generic remote to control cubase markers with Elgato Streamdeck

Hopefully somebody can help me out…
I set up a generic remote in Cubase, to jump to the markers via Elgato streamdeck.
However, it goes to 15 markers, and after that I cannot select the other markers.
Somebody has a clue?
thank you!


Unfortunately there are no direct jumps to the dedicated Marker ID higher than 15. You can use Next/Previous Marker.

hi Martin,

Ok, thank you. Good to know it is limited.

best, Bas Kunnen

Slightly off topic, but just mentioning:

I’ve recently created a Stream Deck setup in the MIDI Remote area instead. When you get the hang of it, it’s smoother than dealing with the Generic Remote (where support will be dropped), so if you’re setting up a new template, better doing it the modern way from the beginning.

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