Setting up Inputs

I have Cubase Artist 6 and I am having a problem setting up inputs for tracks. I set up 8 mono inputs for drum mics and it worked fine but I went to record a guitar on channel one (Track 10 on Cubase) on my audio interface (Zoom R-16), and it recorded fine but when I went back to record the drum tracks over on the 8 mono inputs it would only record channel 1 and 2. I went to the VST connections and it showed all 8 tracks were listed as input 1 or input 2 but it would not go beyond that. I have tried closing the program and restarting to no avail. I also closed the program, started from scratch, rerouted the tracks and I am still having the same problem. I wish I could talk to someone on the phone to straighten this out but since Steinberg does not provide a phone number I do not know what else to do but hope someone on the forum can help me. Thank you for your help.

Sounds like the driver may have changed from the Zoom one? try and select the Zoom ASIO driver again.