Setting up JamOrigin/MIDI

Hi, I recently picked up Jam Origin Midi Guitar 1.0 ( and I’m having a hell of a time setting it up with Cubase 5. I have downloaded the program and dropped the dll into the VST plug-in folder of Cubase. I then follow the on site instructions ( but what I experience is nothing near what the absolutely minimal guide on the site portrays. I have scanned for VSTs but it’s not showing up in Cubase (for reference I have added Addictive Drums 2 in the past, so I know how it should more or less go).

“Add an audio track and an instrument/MIDI track. Add MIDI Guitar as an Effect plugin to the Audio track and select MIDI Guitar as input on the Instrument/MIDI track”

I cannot add the MIDI guitar as an effect plugin to the Audio track or select Midi guitar as the input to the instrument/MIDI track. This is both because it’s not clear how to do that, and because I truthfully have little idea what I’m doing. I have posted on their site but been meet with silence from the community, but then they are an independent company so it’s nothing horrific. But I was hoping that I’d find some help here, since I know the program is fairly popular on these boards.

Google and YouTube haven’t given me much help either, but it seems to be a fairly common issue when you check the company’s facebook. I am using the trial version of the program, but that shouldn’t be causing any problems.


I use it standalone and bring MIDI in with LoopMIDI, this way it behaves like an external midicontroller and I can use it as input on any track I like.

I use it as a VST in CP8 without any problems.
When you say that it’s not showing up in Cubase, do you mean that is bit in your list of plugins in your plugin manager?
If so, then you need to resolve that before trying to do the next steps of adding the midi and audio tasks and routing them.

Did you put the dll in an existing folder that has other plugins? Or, did you or it in a new folder and at that path to your plugin manager?
Maybe try putting it a new fodder and adding it to the path.

Hi there! 1st post.
Well, I seem to have a similar problem. I just purchased midiguitar 2 from Jam Origin, installed the whole thing according to the manufacturer but my Cubase 7.5 simply doesn‘t recognize it. I try to open an instrument track and nothing shows. Contacted Jam Origin but got no reply. Any help?
Cheers from Brazil