Setting up lead sheet, Sax+lyrics

Ok. I am working on a layout, where I can see when I play the saxophone and then the lyrics of what I have to sing.
I have input the sax intro and now I have to sing 1 verse and chorus, then the intro comes again. The lyrics are only in text form. No notes.
I tried to input the lyrics, but there was to much for one page and they wouldn’t automatically continue on the next page.

Are you sure you don’t want to show the melody and rhythm of the music to be sung? That would certainly be easier! You could then have the lyrics written as normal in those bars.

If you prefer to just write the lyrics out as text above the empty bars where the sax isn’t playing, then you could consider making more room for them by adding system breaks so that the bars are wider, or if necessary manually widening specific bars using the note spacing tools in Engrave mode.

Hej Daniel.
Thank you for your suggestion. But I only need tenorsax and lyrics.
I sometimes work as a freelance leadsinger, with saxophone. And I play those instrumental parts, I can squeeze in between singing. That’s where I need the music to be shown.
But last friday I think I finally cracked it. I think, I was able to draw a connection between your video tutorial and what I was seeing in the software. I had not been able to do that before. So this week, I will try so solidify my skills.

Oki. So I am still at a loss on how to use flows, master pages and layout frames.
I’ve written in some music for saxophone. I want to preserve, what I’ve written as a normal instrumental part. But then I want to make a 2nd version of the part where I include lyrics in text form.

Perhaps creating a new layout containing the existing alto sax part and then adding a cue to bring in the sung material from another part?

Hey Daniel.
You have to walk me through it, cause I don’t understand in which order the different things are done. But maybe I have a misunderstood understanding of the flow and layout possibillities.
As I understand it, I can create different layout versions of the same arrangement, in one file?

Hi Carstencoach.
Yes, you can create different versions of the same arrangement in one file. What layouts are, basically, are the scores you will handle the musicians or the conductor. It means some music (one or many flows, meaning one or different chunks of music — movements, songs), displayed for some instruments. Your file could contain music for 100 different players, your layout can display the players you assign them (from 1 to… well, 100 here). It doesn’t matter whether those are identical players or not — meaning you can have five different pianists playing the same song in different arrangements (the number of bars will be the same, the structure of the music will be the same, but the notes can differ). You can create as many layouts you need, with any of these piano versions, for instance. And add some other player(s).
What you cannot do is have different structure arrangements (let’s say one version with an intro, the other starting directly with the first verse) in the same flow. But you could duplicate the flow to make one version with intro (first flow), and the second version (second flow) without intro.
You can choose which flow(s) appear in your layouts.
This is simply an infinity of possibilities, you alone know what you’re needing, but at least the program won’t limit you there.
I could get more specific if you need and provide some examples where you’d need some help to understand how vast this can be.
Hope it helps!

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Hej Marc. It’s reassuring that I am not totally of the mark in understanding the layout functions. I’ll be in touch. Have to go teach now. :slight_smile:

I was just wondering if entering the lyrics as system text would work for you.
You could have multiple lines, which would probably be easiest to read, and they could sit under a multi-bar rest in the sax part. You could also copy-paste them from a lyric sheet if you have one.