Setting up Lemur in Cubase

Hi everyone, I’ve just got Lemur to use a Cubase controller, saw some great examples of what you can do with it online and thought I’d get stuck in. I do mainly music for media stuff so I’ll be setting up some MIDI shortcuts.

My problem at the moment though is just trying to control Cubase through MIDI CC on the Android app. My setup is a Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 into Win 8.1 64 running Loop Midi, the Lemur editor/daemon and Cubase 8 Pro 64. I’ve been following a few of the set-up guides but sadly can’t get the app to control anything in Cubase. I can get the editor and the app working fine together, everything I do in the editor is reflected in the app.

I thought it might be easiest to post some screenshots of how I have things set-up, if anyone else here is using Lemur and Cubase and can see where I’m going wrong then please let me know.
MIDI Connections.JPG
Lemur Editor.JPG
Device Setup.JPG

Do not suffer a lot, just go for it:

I’ve been looking at those but I’m wondering whether they would even help as they are just templates, if something is wrong with my set-up then I’m not sure these will save me.

Ok, I sorted it out now, basically I had the target command in the lemur app on 1 and then ports on the lemur app set to 0.