Setting up Pages for Double-Sided Printing

  1. For the full score, I assume that I can take the pdf output from Dorico and tell the printer to print it double-sided. Correct?
  2. For parts that are only two or three pages, I will ask the printer to print them single-sided so they can be laid out on the music stand with no page turns. Agree?
  3. For the full score, if I want to insert three pages at the front (title plus two pages for instrumentation and notes), should I insert an extra blank page for the back of the title page, and then set up the instrumentation page and notes page as the front and back of one page?

In other words, would you insert four pages: i-Title, ii-Blank, iii-Instrumentation, iv-Notes?


Select the appropriate printer in the print dialog.
Set the Job Type to Booklet and the Page Setup to Landscape. Then set double-sided printing to automatic.

Thanks, but I was asking if I should create a blank page to server as the back of the title page.

Different question: I wanted to add a decorative separator after the title (like a border). I created a graphic object and loaded in the image. I didn’t like it, so I deleted it. Now, whenever I insert another grpahic object, the old picture that I didn’t like is there and I can’t get rid of it. Kind of ridiculous. Why can’t I delete the graphic I don’t like and add a new one?

I usually send full scores in PDF to a professional printer (company), so I want everything defined in the PDF. I actually put the copyright notice on the back of the title page and sometimes other material as well.

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I export the PDF of the music from Dorico, and create prelim pages in (something like) Affinity Publisher, and then combine the PDF pages.


I would say, it’s a matter of taste.
I personally like to put in blank pages, it looks a bit ‘friendlier’