setting up playback with many flows

This concerns setting up midi channels for instruments with multiple voices.

If you have many flows and not all flows use all voices, then the playback endpoints don’t always present all voices to specify the midi channels. You need to advance playback to a flow which includes the voice you want to specify. This gets really cumbersome with a lot of instruments.

So it would be useful if when specifying do this for all flows, that you scan all the flows to determine which voices are present. Otherwise, you end up having to find a flow that includes all the voices for that instrument. And maybe no one flow has them.

What I did for now, was to input a note on each voice in the first flow, then setup the midi channels and then go back and delete any extraneous notes.

Yup! This is exactly what I’ve been doing since I first got Dorico… Recently I have just started separating Flows when I’m reaching the end of a project…