Setting up Quantum's Thunderbolt driver in Cubase 12 (Mac)


I just bought a new Presonus Quantum audio interface which uses Thunderbolt cables for connections. I also have Cubase 12 on my Mac.

The Quantum;'s manual has instructions for setting up the Thunderbolt driver for an older version of Cubase than I have.

Can anybody please help me with guidance on connecting the driver properly within Cubase 12 so I can get the audio rolling?

Many thanks – Drew

I’m on Windows 10 system and never used a Thunderbolt device, so you’ll have to take my advice with caution…

Still, have you installed the Quantum ASIO driver for it ? If so, you’ll have to :

  • Go, in Cubase, to the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System panel and choose the relevent Quantum ASIO driver in the dedicated dropdown list.
  • The Quantum device should then appear as a sub-panel : go in it and set the latency ( Control Panel button) and the different available ports as wanted.
  • After this, go in the Studio > Audio Connections window and set the different busses needed in the different inputs/outputs, etc. panels available.

All these done, you should be able to use the Quantum in any project.

Hi. Thanks for your guidance. Only Windows uses ASIO drivers, not Mac.

I’ve got to figure this out. The last version of Cubase I owned was 7 and things have come a long way since then, including the new MacPro I just bought.

Thanks for your help.