Setting up remote midi controller

Hey. I am just mapping my midi controller in Cubase 12. Is there a way that I can map a knob to select tracks instead of clicking them everytime? Another question is, is there a way to map one or more actions for each knob/fader/buttons?


Yes, you can do so.

Yes, one action per HW controller.

If you mean having one button/fader/whatever do two different things at the same time, stack more than one remote map. This might not be the only way to get it done, but it seems to work for me without having to do much ‘script editing’ at the API level.

I.E. Your first remote that you’ve built with the Graphical Remote Editor might have your entire MIDI controller mapped out.

A second RC script can also be built, but it will only have entries for individual controls you want executing multiple commands.

Need 3 commands performed from a single incoming MIDI event? Stack a 3rd remote map. Etc.

Load/build them in the order you need events to be sent (if it matters).

If for some reason the Cubase Remote Building UI refuses to let you connect more than one map to the same input/port, then at first, connect your second map to anything you can, then open the json script and edit it to the input you actually require.

You can examine the first script to find the line(s) that establish the incoming MIDI device, see the proper name and all for the input (copy/replace operation).

Note, there is a button in the Remote Editor that gives you instructions for the MIDI Remote API. That opens a local html document that gives info on how the API works, as well as a link to an optional free “Visual Studio” code editor.

Another option that works for now [note disclaimers that cite this legacy support will eventually be removed from Cubase], is to use a legacy ‘Generic Remote’ to send the second event. (Studio/Studio Setup/Add Device/Generic Remote)

The legacy remote system is similar in that while you can have more than one command for a given MIDI event, only the first one gets triggered, unless, you stack multiple generic maps and have them listen to the same MIDI input device.

I do hope that when the ‘legacy’ system is removed there will be a quick and easy way to ‘import’ my old remotes. I have so many and it’s going to be painful trying to redo them all by hand just for pretty graphics :frowning:


I’m afraid this approach is not officially spirited and it might bring some issues.

I’d forgotten that in some cases project logic editors and key-commands could be triggered via single event.

Are the new scripts limited to one command per event like the old system? I see no way to have more than one using the GUI to build them, but is it possible directly in the scripts?

If not, why would multiple scripts cause problems? It worked fine under the legacy system for decades. Event order was very predictable based on the order that the generic remotes were built or imported.

It would make sense that if the script also ‘sends’ feedback to the controller (lights/motorized faders/whatever), that those should only be set up and applied in ONE of the RC scripts. Otherwise, I’m wondering what the danger would be?


The Project Logical Editor can contain Pre-/Post-processes since Cubase 12. And from the other perspective, the Macros can contain the Project Logical Editor presets.

Yes, can do so in the JavaScript. Use the customVariable, please.

The danger could be the same kind, as it is with Macros. The script doesn’t get feedback, Cubase processed the first command already. It just fires the commands one after each other. So in theory, you can fire one process, then another one, which is dependent on the 1st one. But the 1st has not been processed yet. This could bring an issue.

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Thanks everyone for your comments. I will try working on it and see if they work