Setting up side-chain for FX in Dorico?

Hi, I wonder to improve the mixing of the mockup in Dorico a little bit, as many FX are just identical to what’s in Cubase, like Frequency. I couldn’t find how to set up side-chaining though, despite multiple stock plugins have the ability to take input from side-chains. Could anyone point out or if just to confirm whether side-chaining exists in Dorico at all?

Side-chaining is not possible in Dorico. It may be on the dev team’s radar. Who knows?

I might be in the minority, but I do sincerely hope the team remains committed to prioritising notation features ahead of audio features. After all Dorico is a notation program, not a DAW, and many notation features have been requested, but not yet implemented.

Thanks for confirming. I am totally with you. Was just curious because the plugins included in Dorico support it which gives me an impression perhaps Dorico too. Anyway I’m not upset that Dorico cannot do side-chain, as it is never my priority and I can easily achieve it in Cubase.

Least to say, side chaining will also come in the future, we just don’t know when.

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Dorico has to serve an exceptionally broad user base, and being able to produce a great-sounding mock-up directly within Dorico is of great importance to some constituents of that user base, in some projects more important than producing beautifully-formatted parts. We will continue to balance our development work to address as broad an audience as possible, so you should expect to see audio features added to Dorico alongside notation-focused ones.

Incidentally, I would say that we have not really moved the audio side of Dorico along at all in recent years, as distinct from Dorico’s playback features. Yes, features like the Key Editor in Dorico 4 and the improvements to expression maps in Dorico 3.5 have made Dorico’s playback more expressive and provided the tools for users to shape the performance more easily, but the actual quality of the audio produced by Dorico hasn’t changed at all. Even though the Mixer was rebuilt from a user interface perspective in Dorico 4, it didn’t gain any new functionality over and above what was possible in Dorico 3.5. So if you look at it from this point of view, improvement in Dorico’s audio capabilities is actually overdue.


Very happy to hear about the balance between notation and playback going forward! I’m sure there are many like me who are here, in part, because of neglect with the playback features of other software. I like the idea of “Music Notation And Composition Software”, as the Steinberg website says.