Setting up snare drum part with hihat and rim

I have a snare drum part like the image. How can I set up this:

  • one line
  • snare below
  • hihat (and sound) above wit X notehead
  • rim in the middle with X notehead

I can’t setup a new empty kit with snare and hihat with ONE line. Evertime I get two lines.
Schermafbeelding 2018-03-15 om 15.15.38.png

Well, here is a test file that sets up the staff, but I have a devil of a time inputing the notes, have to change the note-type with ALT-ARROW before pressing Middle-C to enter the note of the intended sound. (311 KB)

Hi Derrek, I have seen what you have done, that was my first step also. It sounds not as a snare and hi-hat but like a space chord. Can you playback this with snare and hi-hat?

I do not know how your HALion player is set up, but even mine plays only the drum settings, not the Hi-Hat. Until Dorico provides a better solution, I would suggest using a separate, additional player (not visible in your conductor score layout) that provides the sounds you need. FYI, this is what the HALion setup for my test score (above) looks like.


When you use a single-line instrument in Dorico, it can only represent a single instrument, so you’d need to fool it into thinking that the cross notehead on the space above the single line is a hi-hat, which can only be done by pretending to Dorico that it’s actually a snare technique, and then making a corresponding change to the General MIDI drum map (in Play > Percussion Maps) so that the MIDI note that produces the hi-hat sound looks to Dorico as if it’s the snare technique you’re looking for.

First, edit the playing techniques of your snare drum instrument like this:

Next, go to Play > Percussion Maps and edit note 42 in the General MIDI drum map like this:

The result is shown in the attached Dorico project. (296 KB)


Would this altered Drum Kit Note Map be local to the individual document?

Thanks Daniel!

Yes, both the playing techniques defined for the snare drum instrument and the change made to the General MIDI percussion map are specific to the project in which you made the edit.

It isn’t possible to add a snare and a hihat one the same position in this way. How can I do as shown in the added sample below?

No, Dorico doesn’t support the notation of two different instruments above and below a single staff line, I’m afraid. You can notate it using a single instrument, of course, but getting the playback correct will be a bit more involved. I’d recommend using a two-line grid instead if at all practical.