setting up Sure sm7b into cubase

Hi guys noob question,

How do I setup a Shure sm7b into cubase? If you could send me screenshots that would be epic.

Thanks in advance

Like any other microphone:

  1. Connect the mic to an input of your audio interface
  2. Turn your audio interface and computer on
  3. Open Cubase and open a project.
  4. Check that Cubase is using the correct asio driver (usually it has the name of your audio interface in it, mine is Focusrite Thunderbolt). To get there select Devices…Device setup and check the driver in VST audio system view.
  5. Then check that your inputs are activated. Select Devices…VST Connections. In device port the inputs need to be active (the text reads e.g. Input 1, Input 2, etc). If they are in Not connected status, click the ‘Not connected’ text and select an input. If there is nothing visible in this view, you need to use the Add Bus function.
  6. Add a track to your project
  7. Check that the track uses the input to which your mic is connected. On the left you should see the inspector, select the upmost tab which has the name of the track by clicking it. The input selection is below the track preset.
  8. To able to monitor the incoming sound activate the speaker icon on the track.
  • read the quick start guide (available via Help…Documentation). Read System requirements and installation therein. There you can find pictures too. Then open the Operation manual and read the relevant parts in Getting into details chapter and you are ready to go.

Well, checked some of your other posts and I think you are looking for something else than the basic instructions I wrote. What do you mean by ‘setting up’?

The SM7b has a very low output, not much more than a ribbon mic.
Depending on the mic-pre, don’t wonder if you have to crank the input all the way.

Mic Preamp im using= Cloud CL-1 mic activator.

Yea Ive had to crank the input almost all the way, and also it gets alot of background noise.

The problem I face is when I record to a stereo track it only records the stereo left, and the right is blank. How do I rectify this?

This is very little Info about your setup. The cl-1 doesn’t work on its own. It has to be plugged to a mic preamp with phantom power like an audiointerface. Regarding your stereo Problem. Use a monoinput for your track or use a monotrack entirely. A microphone is monosource anyway.