setting up the control room with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Hi :smiley:

Ok so,I am intrigued by this Control Room, in Cubase Pro 9.5.I have seen some videos on it

My current situation is that I cannot have any monitors ,hooked up.As I live in a mobile home (trailer home for my US friends,heh,heh).The walls are too thin, even to fix anything too them,
So I use headphones, for monitoring, producing music, watching Youtube etc,so i don’t disturb my neighbours,esp at night :smiley:

I like to make my own videos too for my Youtube channel,using screen capture software,so would like a setup via Cubase, to cater for this somehow :question:

Audio interface is a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 second generation, the headphones and microphone are of course plugged into this .The screen capture software,picks up sound, from the audio interface,.

Any help on this would be appreciated (I know I’m limited on outputs,but so was my wallet when I purchased my audio interface, :laughing: )

Cheers everyone :smiley:

What exactly do you want to accomplish with control room?
What will your main outputs be connected to? A headphone amp?

HI Sonico :smiley:
Thank you for replying to my post

My headphones are connected to my audio interface,my outputs are my headphones.As mentioned in my post, due to the thin walls and noise I cannot use speakers.As I live in a mobile home ,which is permanently on this site where I live (trailer park in the USA)

My main goal,is to have no feedback,when I’m using my screen recording,although I know about turning off the monitoring on the audio track.But would like to monitor my headphones for levels etc~

You can’t integrate third party software into Control Room.
You need to use something like Voicemeeter to integrate your screen recorder audio with Cubase audio.

Hi Grim :smiley:
I’m not looking to integrate my screen capture software,into the Control Room Grim.Just looking for a alternate way of avoiding feedback,while using my screen capture software.

Would like (if poss) to monitor my voice through my headphones,even with audio track monitor off. For loudness level checks etc.
Might not be possible,though.
Saw some videos about cue sends but I need to check out and learn more about that,see if there something I could use

Remove any outputs from main outputs and add them at control room.
The select the monitor or outputs you need (external,cues,headphones)

Thanks jconstantine

I will look into this,as mentioned before very new to Cubase :smiley:

You want to capture your cubase session with screen capture? for some kind of video tutorial?

If that’s the case and you want to use Control Room, you have to monitor inside cubase, and as stated above, remove your outputs from the main outputs in the VST connections window (outputs tab) and then go to the (Studio tab) and set your headphones output.
Make sure to mute your inputs in your scarlett so you don’t hear a doubled signal.

In your situation I don’t think Control Room is the way to go, you can do the same by turning off your monitors and just use your scarlett headphones output, it’s up to you if you want to monitor inside cubase (with or without fx in real time) or direct in your scarlett.

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks Sonico :smiley:
Thanks for your advice.
I think I will just turn off the audio tracks monitor button and see how that goes.

Excellent, please tell us how it goes!!

I have experimented,and found that turning off the audio track monitor is a better solution.Since I am limited by my Focusrite’s inputs and outputs(my wallet was limited also at the time of purchase,he,he)
Although I have my audio going through the control room,I can see how useful it would be in other situations,such as bands needing different routings to cues mixes etc
I make videos for my own Youtube channel,so most of the editing would be done via the screen capture softwares editor
Would be nice to turn off the audio track monitor,and still listen to the headphones in the control room
I tried this and found I could not hear anything then,he,he

Yes the Control Room feature is great.
I’am sure you should be able to turn off the audio track monitor and use your Scarlett zero latency monitor capabilities.
I haven’t used a 2i2 but I think it doesn’t have a dsp mixer does it?
Instead a dsp mixer it has a switch to turn on direct monitor and a knob to blend your input signal and your playback signal?
Have you tried that?

Hi Soncio :smiley:
No I haven’t tried that,as I thought direct monitoring was for speakers,plugged into the back of my audio interface.My Scarlet does not have a mixer,as you have quite rightly said.
But thank you for your suggestion.I will look at the Scarlet manual and see what happens

Ok so I tried direct monitoring and it works well, :smiley:
but still need to understand the virtues of this feature ,and the routing/setting up of tracks in Cubase’
Maybe look over some Youtube videos

Edit: Been doing some experimenting,with direct monitoring with my A.I and the screen capture software.
No feedback/echo of own voice since using this, while wearing headphones good times indeed :smiley:

Thank you Sonico for the suggestion :smiley:

I’am glad everything is working good for you!!
I really like scarlett interfaces, I have a 18i20 first generation for live gigs with cubase (now that I have upgraded it to a clarett 8pre USB) and works great. I love it’s preamps and stability with cubase.

Hi Sonico :smiley:
The interfaces are great,solid build,pre amps are great…Cubase is very stable,lots of great features I haven’t seen in my other Daws,I had used before.
Great to hear,your using Cubase for a live gig session (lot of artists I have seen and heard are too)

I still have a lot to learn and digest,he,he.But will spend my spare time away from work,learning and experimenting with Cubase :smiley:

Will be doing a test drive with direct monitoring on, very soon.But its great to be able to listen to my own voice,without hearing that annoying echo,in the headphones.
Really puts you off,while your trying to chat about what your doing, :smiley: