Setting up Transcribe! using Dorico - foot pedal

Since I can’t find a user group for the application Transcribe! by Seventh String, I was wondering if somebody here can help me.

I’m getting a little frustrated trying to set some key commands, especially with the naming of the Transcribe key commands 😅

Secondly, I want to connect my (page turner) foot pedal to rewind and fast forward, but that did not work up until now.

I’m using two screens: Dorico on my monitor and Transcribe! on my MacBook screen.

How do I not mix up the different key commands?

My ideal setup would be: Dorico on the monitor, not having to leave Dorico and play/pause/rewind/fast forward with the foot pedal.
If that’s not possible: key commands that don’t disturb Dorico.


What kind of foot pedal do you have? I’ve just got Transcribe! running with my AirTurn DUO 200. I’m happy to talk you through it if your pedal is similar.
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