Setting Up Two Agents at Once

I am having fairly good success setting up two agents to play at the same time.

However in the manual under “Adding A Second Agent To Complement The First Agent” under “Procedure” number 7 (“7. Select the second kit, open the Select Style pop-up menu, navigate to the Complements folder, and select a style from the Acid Jazz 01 folder.”) is giving me problems.

There is no indication of the location or how to open the “Select Style pop-up menu”, or “navigate”’ to the “Complements Folder” which I cannot seem to locate anywhere.

Please help. Thanks.

Hi I use Groove Agent in most of my projects.

When I start a new project I normally load one instance of Groove Agent and load in my kits (I normally use 2 of the four “kit” slots).

When I want to load a new kit on another slot I first click the empty slot and then browse to the internal Groove Agent MediaBay and that shows me all the possible kits available for me to use. Then I double-click the kit or select LOAD and the new kit should appear in the empty slot?

You can load up to four different kits using the one instance of Groove Agent. There’s nothing stopping you from loading a brand new instance of Groove Agent on another track if you prefer.

Hope this helps!



Thank you, Adam! That eases my mind and helps quite a bit. I am SLOWLY getting to know Groove Agent and it’s growing on me.