Setting up USB Midi Controller for controlling Plugins


I just try to setup up an usb midi controller to controll plugins inside wavelab.
I’m using Arturia Beatstep.
Drivers installed
Device recogniced
But form there it’s hard to find a way to make it work
Also the Remote control Symbol in the Plugin Widnow is not visible
The Manual is not of much use cause it doesnt cover the issue

Thanks for any help

Like it is said in the Manual:
" Assigning Custom Parameters to Plug-ins"
BUT: Step 2 is not possible, cause there is no “Circle Icon” visible to click on

I personally have never had any real luck using midi controllers with WL and I have tried a lot of them. FWIW

Thanks for Reply, hm… seems like it’s no priority of Steinberg providing any help with this, cause I found some other thread where there is an Issue from 2022, no solution found there and nobody from Steinberg staff showed up there as well.
Well I’m a little frustrated, I’m mean telling people that this is “Worlds Best Mastering Application” is one thing, but dont give a “beep” about peoples issues with midi to actaully turn that software into it, is clearly another one and a contradiction.
Maybe time to look for something else
I’m mean also Customer support is kind of lame, takes ages for a respones from them…

IHMO WL has two major problems. Working correctly with a lot of VST plugins and not being able to use external controllers. Other that those two problems WL is an AMAZING piece of mastering software. PG is a genius and I am sure if he were given free reign that many problems would disappear. Unfortunately WL is owned by Steinberg and Yamaha so there are a lot of “corporate” decisions that are made and one of them is the complete lack of timely support from their own support teams. That probable as to do with the root of all evil $$$. FWIW

It’s a shame…
With VSTs I hadn’t any problems so far and it’s quite stable, only the propper support of midi controllers, at least my only issue, so far…
Who is PG? The guy behind it? Yes, genius, you can say so!
It’s a great software, besides the issues.

Just figured out that the Midi Controller Assignments to Plugins:

  • work only with Steinbergs own Plugins
  • on no 3rd Party Plugin the "Remote Control Mode " Icon is visible
  • even with Steinberg Plugins assignment doesn’t work properly

Please Steinberg allow in Wavelab the use of Midi Controllers for 3rd Party Plugins and / or maybe implement the Midi controller integration like you have with Cubase.
Your CC121 controller isn’t even available anymore