Setting Up VSL SE

I managed to get it to work with sibelius after a fashion. How easy is it to set it up with Dorico2

The guys at Vienna aren’t offering neat bundles to make everything work kind of out of the box as they did with Sibelius, but it’s certainly very possible. Mapping it yourself should be very easy if you’re just using the SE. I might be able to contribute a few maps over the summer.

These two threads are relevant and might help:

I had to add I think it was the articulation “normal” to the Expression Maps, because Dorico doesn’t understand “Natural”… Or maybe it was the other way around…? Otherwise it wouldn’t play any notes without an articulation.

Yes, I had to add “natural” to the Xmaps. I just duplicated whichever setting I wanted as default (usually legato) and renamed it “natural”.