Settings changing when stopping and starting

I am trying to help a Spanish friend (with a Spanish version of Cubase Elements 7), and have a problem which I can’t find in the manual - but my Spanish is not that good!

When I press play, or press stop, the settings change to default settings - for example, the volume is reset. I change the settings as quickly as I can, but when I press stop, or play again, the settings go back to what they were before.

I have a feeling that this is in Archivo -> Preferencias (File -> Preferences), but I can’t see it.

And I can’t find this in the manual - but then, I probably don’t know the correct word in Spanish!

If someone can give me the exact full path to the Control, I will be able to translate it to Spanish.

Thanks in advance

I am pretty sure that this is something to do with Freeze Midi Parameters (not sure if that is the correct English translation) - but I can’t figure out how to use it.

I go to the beginning of the song, set all the sounds and levels, press “Freeze Midi Parameters”, and sometimes they stay as I have set them, sometimes they change back to the defaults.

Surely someone can explain how to use this feature?