Settings:Play:Default insert pad setting

Dorico sets all the mixer inserts to a default 6dB down which is fine and industry reasonable and all that and also entirely annoying :grin:. On every project first thing is I’m going back and resetting them all - a pain on a large group - because my gain architecture isn’t calibrated to the sources having a pad.

I don’t export audio out of Dorico except for temps and playback, but for both of those this must be done because it’s too quiet. Ignoring my gain staging when the audio is dropped into Teams for the rest of my group to feast upon, they complain it’s too quiet.

Daniel could you consider a little love going to the Play settings where this default setting could be set? Initialize it to the pad if you like, but it would be nice if we could set it to whatever we want (maybe some people prefer a 3dB pad, but I believe a number of us want it zeroed out).


Agreed, I’m always having to set faders to unity!

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Yes, I’m sure at some point we could provide a preference for this, but I can’t say when. It’s on the famous list.

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Is that the one list that you have that has become famous by reference, or is there also an infamous list?