Setup 2 seperate USB audio interfaces (UR242)?

Using Cubase Artist 12. I have 2 Steinberg UR242 USB audio interfaces that I would like to run simultaneously, for record and playback. How to set it up? Please detailed descriptions! AI doesn’t deliver, nor is there anything in the manual as far as I can see. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum. As far as I am aware, macOs allows the creation of ‘aggregate devices’ whereby you can effectively join together more than one audio interface to use simultaneously. I’ve done this using some Zoom hand held recorders. I don’t think Windows allows this.


My friend said he managed to use a behringer and a presonus interface simultaneously with asio4all drivers enabled through its settings panel. It was a surprise for me but haven’t tested myself to be honest.

Hi Plectrumboy,

Thanks for your answer. I’m using Win 10 BTW. The thing is, I know it is possible to use two interfaces, since I saw someone doing it. But couldn’t ask the details. AI also suggested something in the Audio System setup that didn’t quite work. The trick is to get Cubase to recognize the two seperate inputs.

Anyway, thanks.


What is AI?

No. That isn’t the trick, since it is not possible.
You have to unite the devices to one ASIO device that Cubase can use.

It must be someone with a multiclient driver, like RME or MOTU. They have drivers, that can use more devices of the same type to access them as one device in Cubase.

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Probably chat GPT or so.

I just told you the way on my post above.

  • Install both interfaces
  • Install Asio4all
  • Open asio4all control panel and enable in and outs for both interfaces
  • Open Cubase and choose asio4all on drivers
  • Configure in and outs as usually

Thanks for your input. AI is artificial intelligence such as ChatGTP, which sent me a lengthy description of how to do it, culled from a Cubase manual, but apparently for a different version of Cubase.
I’m using Artist 12. Oh well, keep on truckin’

Maybe the AI is lying to you…maybe. I try to use NI as much as possible. :innocent:
NI = natural intelligence

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