"Setup Colors" label is missing

I’m quite new in Cubase.
I work with big orchestral mockups and colors are very important for me…
but surprisingly the “Setup Colors” label is missing as shown in the attached file.
Can anybody help?



Windows 10 and Cubase 10 last update…


Are you missing this in the toolbar? Right-click to the Toolbar (out of any icon) and enable Color Menu.

Thanks, Martin.
done … but “Setup Colors” is still not there.
I also tried trash defaults.xml but with the same result.


Is there enough space to show all the toolbars? Can you try to extend the window horizontally?

Hi Martin,
I don’t know if I have understood your question.
here there are two files:

1- my settings

as you can see there is enough space to show all what I need

2- settings"show all"

Thank you


I can see the “palette” icon in the tool bar, on the right side of the tools. Is this what you are searching on? If you click on it the Colorize window will show up.

Hi Martin,
unfortunately not.
What I miss is the second label “Set up Colors…” (the first from the bottom)


OK, I see, sorry. This has been moved to Project > Project Colors Setup.

…has been…
Do you mean Steinberg?
Martin, thank you for support
ciao from Italy