Setup>Edit Instrument Definition unexpectedly changes the Play>VST Routing

This is mysterious and unexpected.
Changing the number of staves on a piano instrument, ends up reassigning the VST to a different instrument (reapplying the Playback Template?).

  • I have a piano (grand staff) which, due to some upgrade mystery, is getting assigned to Halion 6 instance stock piano and then producing no sound.
  • I reassigned the VST to The Grand. Sound is then ok. I probably would have reassigned it anyway.
  • I edit the instrument definition to change this piano (“Keyboard (in score)”) to 1 staff (not grand staff), which should have nothing to do with Play or VST.
  • Suddenly the VST is reassigned back to the original HALion 6 instance (which I only noticed, because there is then no sound).
    …reconfigure, repeat, it is reproducible.

I don’t know why Edit Instrument Definition would have anything to do with Play. Sure, if I did Setup>Change Instrument instead, then perhaps it would be appropriate to automatically reapply the Playback Template (which would then change the VST) and this would be expected.

Editing the instrument’s definition via Library > Instruments will indeed cause the playback template to be partially reapplied and the sound assignment for the instrument to be reset, because under the hood the operation to edit the instrument is performing the same basic edits as using Change Instrument in the Players panel in Setup mode.