setup for live usage

Hi all,

I’m working on a setup for live usage and have some questions unanswered.
Are there any good audio over lan solutions that dont cost a fortune like dante Madi etc?
What would be a stable overclock for a gigabyte ga x58 udr3 and a x980 proc?

For now i figured out a system without audio over lan and instead of it adat maybe you have some feedback and give me advice about expandability of the components.

Our live setup:
1guy ableton for beats and loops.
1 guy midi keyboard with hardware modules and connecting to vst synts
Me engineering with Reason 9 and layering sounds, recording live instruments and voices and loop them
1 guy playing live instruments.
Option for guest musicians and singers.

The ableton guys uses a labtop.
The musician using a AW4416 (if needed) and can monitor latencyfree
Me using a HP Z800 for Reason and a 1366 build with xeon 5660 for cubase.

We got some gear lying around:
3 x bcf 2000, 1 x Bcontrol, Motu traveller with broke firewire ports ( can be used standalone)
1 system with pulsar 2 6x dsp 16/16 i/o adat (can be used for synts samplers dynamics all realtime)

I dont think we need all that gear but some of them gonna be usefull.

I have some budget so i was thinking:
Buy a Behringer x32 core and a adat expansion giving me 32/32 io on adat and latencyfree effects dynamics and eq.
Control that with BCF and B control
Buy a Ada 8200 for 8/8 i/o adat and midas preamps
Buy a Behringer Firepower for 8/8/ i/o can be swithced to use on laptop and Daw systems.
Buy 2x second hand rme for the Z800 and the 1366 system.

That way we would have a secure and stable sytem with a lot of the routing latency free and a lot of dsp power.

I could re use the pulsar for the 1366 system but have to work in 32 bit mode course i dont find the pulsor stable on a 64 bit system (or should invest in a lga 1150 system)

Further expandability would be upgrading the HPZ800 from 1x xeon x5660 to 2x x5690 and expand the ram to 96 gyg.
Thats in my budget to. Prupose would be cubase + layering kontakt instances.
In that case i could use the 1366 For reason.

I know working with adat give me a lot of options and latency free monitoring what is a must.
But if there is a cheap solution with audio over lan all would be a wast of money course with audio over lan i could scale DSP power how i want ( like buying older servers and stack therm up)

ANyway a long story but hope to get some feedback before i cant hold myself and buying the summed up gear.




Bought the most equipment i listed.
For now i skipped on the second rme card course i can use the firepower FCA 16/16 for now.
The RME is realy stable at low buffer latency is acceptable and i could skipped the X32 core.
Still i gonna use the x32 core anyway for FOH in small clubs and the extra dps and routing gives me more versability.

Will be overclocking the 980x on stable aircooling levels and build it in a 19inch case.