Setup help

Hi, I wondered if anyone could help me with a set up for an experiment i’m running…
I need the following:
Cubase (playing a metronome beat) --> mixer --> 2 headphones

and then:
2 QWERTY Keyboards --> Cubase (to record the keyboard taps into the same metronome beat file)

Is this even possible with qwerty keyboards, or do i need midi keyboards? I have Cubase elements 8 64bit, running on a PC, windows 10.

Thanks for your help!
P.S. I’m a cubase novice and not very tech savvy, so simple language would be really useful!

to record the keyboard taps into the same metronome beat file

Not exactly sure what you mean by this? What do you want to end up with…a midi file? a tempo map??

But if you have 2 qwerty keyboards connected and turn on the virtual keyboard in Cubase you could play in midi notes from both of them at the same time (probably not the same note though or you could get overlapping notes)…not sure what it is you are needing that couldn’t be done with 2 keys on one keyboard though??

A tempo map would be ideal to end up with…how can I get that?
2 keyboards are needed as the taps come from 2 people who aren’t sitting together - do you have any advice on how to set the two qwerty keyboards up?

Thank you! Much appreciated

Just plug them in, open Transport panel and show virtual keyboard and then any of the keys shown on virtual keyboard should work to enter midi note data.

Create a midi track and record/tap in the beat you want.

To create tempo map from midi track…see here for example: