Setup M-Audio Oxygen Pro 61

HI, i’ve followed the setup guide from M-Audio for my Oxygen Pro 61 but still when i press play or record or stop it plays a note. :slight_smile: Thank you

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How did you set it up, please? Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Did you remove the device from the All MIDI Inputs?


How it is setup


Ass far as I can see, the MIDIIN3, which you are using as Mackie MIDI In, is enabled in the In “All MIDI Ports”, as the only one. Do it the other way around, disable this MIDI port and enable all others.

Ok seems to work, i’ve reset “Configuration des ports midi”. Everything is checked in excepted the right column. Thank you!

Edit : now i have no sound coming from the keys

Ok all seems to be wokring like this :

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Pretty sure on the Oxygen’s you only need the first MIDI Port to play keys into the project. So i’d untick the red items, and leave the yellow ticked:-

You shouldn’t get any issues how you have it setup, but it’s worth taking out any strays to reduce confusion in future (I.e. only leaving the one item in the MIDI input list is cleaner).

I don’t think MIDI2 or MIDI4 really get used for anything as inputs.

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Ok just done it thank you for the help :slight_smile: