Setup Mode, which flow is selected

Feature Request!

When in Setup Mode it can be hard to tell which Flow is actually selected; could there be a way to visualise this better with, say, a border/marking on the selected Flow?
This goes both ways; would be nice if the Flow-card at the bottom panel lit up when clicking once at a new Flow.

Erm? My Setup already highlights the current selected flow (in the bottom panel).

henrik, for this the bew „Jump Bar“ is the perfect tool: press J once, then F3 (for flow 3 - as an example) and get right to the beginning of the flow you want.

Do you mean that when you’ve got a selection in the music (say, a note or slur in Write mode), you want the flow the selected items are in to appear highlighted in some way when you switch back to Setup mode?

It is for browsing-purposes in Setup mode;
say I have a Flow selected in the bottom panel, then I scroll to another Flow. The Flow-card at the bottom is still highlighted on the first selected Flow. I can see pitfalls to override this possibly, but some sort of update in the score window would be helpful.
Oh, and this goes for Galley-view, where there are no titles at the top of the score.

  • or is there a way to show Flow-titles in Galley-view? That would be enough for my browsing purposes!

Thanks, Lillie. Yes, that is also something that would be great. See my reply under for more detailed explanation.

Great tip! Cheers;)