Setup of Input signal in Cubase Artist 10?

I apologize if this topic already exists in the forum.
I was searching on how to set up input tone/volume in Cubase Artist 10 at PC. Cubase works in chain: TL guitar, SpiderV 30 & Cubase Artist 10 at PC. I didn’t find the answer in Forum.

My Spider V 30 is connected correctly to Cubase at PC via USB and there is a sound of TL in Cubase.
In Cubase, I choosed ASIO Spider V driver. I/O is Speder V (L&R) - Active. ASIO buffer Size is set to: Extra Small.
I can record my TL from SpiderV 30 via USB and reproduce my records, too. It is not a problem, it works.

But, quality of record is desperate and not acceptable. The sound is dark, blurry, somehow smudged and does not match what I hear on amp Spider V 30 while playing & recording.
E.g effect as drive is not OK and corrupts the recorded. This is especially pronounced when I strumming all the strings.
When I am playing finger style in clear sound or near clear, it is a better.

It seams to me that solution is to set properly the tone on all devices in the chain: TL guitar, SpiderV 30 & Cubase at PC. Acctually to set properly the tone/volume of input signal to Cubase at PC or output signal from amp Spider V 30 via USB.
When I am playing acoustic guitar via CI1 USB Audio Interface (CI1), I can adjust Input signal at CI1 and all works fine.
But, amp Spider V 30 doesn’t have possibility to adjust Input signal. I can adjust tone at TL guitar as input signal to SpiderV 30, but it changes a sound of guitar at SpiderV 30.
Or I can reduce/decrease Master tone of SpiderV 30, but I can not hear what I am playing.

Is there some solution to make a setting of Input signal in Cubase Artist 10 at PC or something other?

Please, give me opinion regarding this topic. How to properly set up Input signal in Cubase Artist 10?
What are your experiences with this?