Setup tutorial for M-Audio Keystation 49 with Cubase?

Trying to set up a Cubase system with a M-Audio Keystation 49. Win 10.

Halfway there. The keys worked fine from the start, but none of the buttons did anything.

Then we got it going as a Mackie Control, and the Stop, Fwd, and Record buttons started working OK.

But now the other buttons do strange things not related to the transport or selecting tracks.

Can somebody point me to a tutorial or XML file about how to get this setup totally right? Yes, I’m being lazy. And it’s possible I’m also being stupid because I don’t see much on the 'net about this issue. So be gentle. THX!

Great little keyboard! It’s light enough to sit comfortably on one’s lap and is a big step forward from using those little 25 key controllers when all you want to do is play few tunes late at night in the easy chair. I’ve been using a MPKmini for that, but honestly this is easier. The full sized keys feel pretty good too as synth keys go. Good bang for the bucks. Gonna get me one.