setup window layout does not show anything!

I’m using C9.0.20 on Windows 10.
As title of the thread says when i click on the top right corner where is “setup window layout” I just get dark layer over Cubase, but there is no options like there was before.

Actualy I just tried to open windows layout in channel setting and here it works as you can see

And while channel setting is open now i can see master layout settings when i click up there

Weird. Have you tried invoking that using a key command? Shift-f2 is the default.

Otherwise, start up in Cubase safe start mode it check for corrupt prefs?

Yes, now i tried all that you said (safe mod and ctrl+f2 shortcut) but still it does not show anything. But now in new project it does not show it even in channel settings windows.

Project in witch it shows windows layout in channel settings (witch I took screenshot in the first post) is from older version of Nuendo (I think 6 or something like that). I use it for the template purpose

Hm. Try moving the user settings folder

%appdata%\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64

to the desktop folder and restart with initialized prefs. (Safe Mode hides only certain files from Cubase)

If this works you can copy your presets and other needed files back to where they belong in %appdata%\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64

First i tried moving only Cubase 9_64 fodler but then he triggered previous version settings (8_5_64). Still it was not working but then i moved both folders over to desktop and stared Cubase to start from zero settings and now it works.
So something from previous version was triggering the bug.