"Setup Window Layout" resizes MediaBay

Is it me, is it Windows or is it Cubase?

I have so far not used the MediaBay and the Project window side by side or one over the other much at all, just a maximized MediaBay, but now I tried in Cubase 9 and then I wanted to remove parts of the GUI to see just what I needed so I clicked in the “Setup Window Layout” and discover this behavior that just looks … wrong!

If I remove say the Attribute Inspector then the overall MediaBay window gets resized and there is a whole in Cubase so I see whatever program is behind. Then if I manually resize the MediaBay to cover the hole and then add back the Attribute Inspector the MediaBay is automatically enlarged by the needed area for the Attribute Inspector meaning the Attribute Inspector is placed outside the screen completely invisible!!!

The MediaBay MUST stay inside it’s borders!!! This behavior is completely ridiculous? The base window is labeled “Results” and that can’t be changed but if I have only “Results” open and I want to add “Define locations” to the left the MediaBay unit as a whole has to keep its size and “Define locations” takes what it needs from the base window “Results” WITHOUT the columns to the right disappears out of sight outside the screen, right?

I checked in Cubase 8.5 and 9, same same.

I kind of hope I’m wrong and there is a preference setting or whatever? :blush: :laughing:

Anyone else who finds this behavior at least questionable :question: