Setup XY Pad MPE in Cubase ... possible?

I cannot figure out how to make an XY pad work in Cubase. I’m not sure how to go about it truthfully even having setup everything I’ve normally setup (I have other midi controllers but none have an XY pad). I’m setting it up with the Sensel Morph which works fine with Midi or MPE except for a track pad.

Anyone go down that road before or have some advice/links/tips?

Looks cool. It is a midi controller so you should be able to use generic midi input. You can use midi monitor to “spy” on what data the xy sends.

The Morph is really easy to setup – can assign any midi CC to anything in the Sensel app. However… MPE in cubase is a nighmare of confusion.

I’ve done all I need to do for all appearances – setup the midi input to Any, checkmark the MPE, the Sensel shows up as an expression instrument etc.

But getting a simple XY Pad to work in any DAW at all seems to be much more complicated than it seems. It’s still not been done as far as I can tell.

How do you expect it to work? XY-pad should generate to different CC. What you do with them is up to you.

Yes XY pad should generate to different CC which is precisely why it was incredibly frustrating when it wasn’t working… until I figured out the problem after coming up with a work-around (yes there is a problem its not as simple which is why no one was responding to this same post in 5 separate active forums).

I’m contacting the developers about it to see what the deal is.