Several Feature Requests

Hello. I am a long term Cubase user now and there are still some things that are oddly designed to me.

Drum Map Editor:

  • Why can you only edit one Key simultaniously. If i want to change the output channel of each note i have to do this for each note seperately. Same for moving several notes at once doesn’t work as well. Sorting Keys by there name only works manually. Why not including a sort function and editing for serveral notes at once?


  • Insertes can be moved/copied per drag&drop but Sends cant feels a bit inconsistent in workflow and doesn’t make sense to me. Why not beeing able to move/copy sends per drag and drop as well?
  • I don’t mind to have only 8 Inserts per track but it would be great if you could switch the last 2 post fader inserts to pre-fader position. I think postfader inserts on single track ain’t much used and needed.

It would be great to have clip based real time effect inserts.

greetings novik

+1 for moving or re-ordering the inserts please.

+1 for real-time clip based insert effects too.