Several free VSTs in Halion Sonic 7 don't work? But some do...? License issues

I must be doing something wrong, however, I can’t figure out what exactly. Just installed Halion Sonic 7 as an upgrade to my Halion Sonic SE 3, that was working fine so far. Installed several free VSTs to try them out: LoFi piano, Novel Piano, Alto Glockenspiel, Colors Free, and Guitar Harmonics.

Here is the thing: some of them work: Guitar Harmonics and Novel Piano work fine, I can play the instruments in Halion; stand-alone or in my DAW (Ableton). The other ones such as Colors Free, LoFi Piano and Alto Glockenspiel all show up with a red icon in the library overview. Trying to load them results in the popup message ‘No License Found’. Selecting the option Retry here doesn’t work, as do rebooting or re-installing the VSTs, all to no avail.

All VSTs were installed through the Steinberg Download Assistant. The activation manager shows Halion Sonic 7 as activated. How to get license working for these free VSTs?

I actually found out the issue here (thanks to a Youtube video). I was downloading some of the free instruments straight from the Steinberg Download Assistant (silly me). This means you will not link the necessary license to your user account. You first need to click the actual download button on the webpage that will link the license to your account (when logged in), otherwise you will never get it to work.