Several improvements

Here is a video about feature improvements that are 100% more effective for steady interface use. (I am actually a designer for a living).

Panel drag n drop (like adobe panels behave). Organise all panels by my own preferences. and make all studio panels dockable like adobe.

Give custom width option for left visibility and inspecter panel.

Add function: When more then 1 Nuendo projects is open, use option to choose between classic or TABS. TABS mode makes all project windows sit in a row at the top to toggle between projects (like adobe does)

Add function: adjustable position for lower zone to top zone, left zone or right zone. Dual screen monitors have extra width. Use it! We need all the height we can get.

Add function: CTRL +SHIFT Mouse scroll for vertical zoom.

Add function: inverse scroll mousewheel for inversed zoom up and down, inversed zoom in and out and inversed timeline scroll left and right.

  1. When clicking mousehweel inside the ruler at the top and drag left and right to scroll through the timeline > Add funcion to prevent the user from zooming in out while moving the mouse left and right (no one ever moves the mouse perfectly steady horizontally,) by holding shift.

  2. Add seperate panel for sampler control and chord pads under "studio"menu item.