Several major problems with C&. Please helo!

I am in the middle of a major mixing project on a deadline, and I have several problems. The first, and I think most symptomatic, is that Cubase 6 crashes when I update plug-in information. The other problems are also related to plug-ins. Firstly, Pod Farm doesn´t work when I open saved projects. The GUI is there and shows that sound is going through the plug-in, but it doesn´t affect the sound until I change amp models. Secondly, the Soundtoys Native plugins won´t load half of the time. The plugins I have saved with the project will come up, but when I insert new Soundtoys plugs, nothing happens. This is driving me mad! Can anyone help?

Are you on 32 bit or 64bit (Windows & Cubase) & what ram use does your task manager show?

I run Win XP, so 32 bit. I´ll check the RAM usage, but I don´t think thats the problem (except maybe for the update crash), as I have good headroom on the VST meter.

ASIO meter has nothing to do with ram use.

This is best guess as to the cause of the problem with the very limited info you have supplied.
Plugs not opening is quite indicative of low available ram.

I´ll check it out when I get to the studio tomorrow, but this happens in empty projects as well (ie only one audio track with no audio). I´ll be happy to post any information that is needed to diagnose this problem.

OK so in that case it doesn’t sound like a memory problem…did you check you have latest versions of those plugs that seem to be causing issues?

Assuming they are recent versions & no-one else reports problems with them, you should probably trash preferences firstly & if still the same try investigating the update issue by hiding the vst folder & see if update pluginfo works…then move plugs back in batches until it crashes again.
if you narrow down one plug that is causing it then reinstall…see if there’s a newer version or work without it!


Thanks for the tips. I have installed the newest versions of all the plugins. How do I trash preferences on XP (I´m usually on Mac). And what do you mean with hiding the VST folder? Move it to another place on the hard drive?

rash preferences:[productfamily]=2

For the plug folder…yes I usually move it to desktop & then create an empty one in Sb folder & copy over a bunch of plugs…open Cubase, try update plug-in info, close cubase copy more plugs back etc etc…not much fun but doesn’t take too long if you copy big batches & narrow down from there.

TBH I’m not convinced that this is the problem…usually cubase will crash on opening if it doesn’t like a plug…not when updating plugin information.