Several Projects in one: Tempo-tracks based on tracks

Kind of hard to describe… Sometimes i wish i have the feature to be able to have two or more different tempos at the same point in the arrangement. Musically Nonsense you think, but sometimes i got a sample or a sequence and i would like to hear and have these on the same bar point in the arrangement

What you can do with this is, when you get a brand new idea in the middle of producing a track, you can directly create another Project into the current Project, instead of to deleting all the sequences you don´t need for the new Project or transmit the data to the right place in a new Project.

Thanks for Listen.

I don’t know if this satisfies your requirement, but are you aware that tempo tracks can have multiple versions? Of course, only one of them can be the active one, but you can switch between them at your discretion.

Thanks for the tip David!

But what i would like to have is an Option that these different Tempo-tracks are assigned to different tracks of the Arrangement and act paralell to each other, but only one can be the Master-Tempo-track for the Project offical in one instance. I mean you got several tempo-tacks, which you can assign different tracks to, but only one of course can play back at one time.

As i said, it´s insane and very hard to describe, but thanks you really much for your reply.