Several Questions About Cubasis


  1. Will Cubasis work with the 12.9" iPad Pro or only with early Versions of the iPad such as iPad Air 2 or iPad 3, for example? And, if so, does it take advantage of the multi-touch feature?
  2. Does the Cubasis App interact with Cubase 8.5 Pro in real time in any way?

I could not find the answer to either of these questions on the Cubasis page on the Steinberg site and I wrote to Steinberg Tech Support and they told me to ask the develop directly from this site.

Wade Marsten

Cubasis will work with the iPad Pro with an increased performance. You can read some feedback of other users here:

As for Cubasis and Cubase there is no real time connectivity. However you will be able to import Cubasis projects into Cubase using the “Cubasis Project Importer”.