Several troubleshootings in Wavelab 8

Hi. I recently made an update to my MacBook Pro (13-inch, mid 2012). I installed a 1TB SSD, 10 RAM memory, and updated the OS X to Sierra. It’s working fine.
The point is that WaveLab 8 (updated to 8.0.702 and patch CoreAudio2ASIO installed), and not recently, also in Mavericks and Windows 7, always had problems. Only once could I create a CDA with CD text in all OS. Since I use OS X, there are 64-bit third-party plugins that work erratically. From Sierra OS X, I can no longer import CDs or DDP in WaveLab. Really since I have version 8 I am very disappointed of Steinberg Wavelab.
I want to know how to fix:

  1. The problem with writing CD text in audio montage
  2. How to import audio CD from WaveLab
  3. Importing DDP Files

Thanks for your help.

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012)
2,5 GHz Intel Core i5
10 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

  1. How do you verify that CD Text is not written? Don’t misunderstand CD Text and online name databases.
  2. DDP created with WaveLab?

Hi Philippe. I forgot to see the answer. Now I can import audio cd´s, that’s no problem. About the troubleshootings 1) Because after burn the cd and after loading to import the tracks, it doesn´t show the info. Also when I load the cd in some audio equipments that read CD Text, that info doesn´t appear.
Bug 2) DDP created in other sotwares.

Since I have Wavelab I also have another bug. It´s happened in Win7 and in OSX Sierra. When I handle the master section, to move to another position (in the floating window), after I release it, the master section still moving when I move the coursor. Is like I did not release it. Then I have to go and click on it to solve this issue.

Thamks for your answer.