Several words (lyrics) for one note! And system spacing

Dear Daniel!

Bravo! The program looks absolutely amazing.

I have a question concerning putting several words under one note as lyrics, like psamoldy in church music, is that possible to do it? I tried multiple keyboard combinations, but I didn’t succeed. The only “solutions” I got are when there is absolutely no space between words (original sentence is: “Jésus est venu chez les siens”) with exemple01, and when I add an underscore between words with exemple02.

I have another question: is there any possibility to make the very last system longer reaching the right side of the page instead of stopping right in the middle, like in exemple03?

Thanks for your answers

I’m glad you’re enjoying Dorico so far!

To insert multiple lyrics under a single note, use the shortcut Shift+Alt+Space to insert a space without advancing to the next position.

To make the last system reach the final barline, go to the Note Spacing page of Setup > Layout Options and switch off ‘Only justify final system in flow…’.

Super Daniel, thanks a lot for those tips!

For me that comes from Cubase 5 in terms of editing music… this is great and I look forward to discovering Dorico even more!



Very useful answer to OP’s question. But isn’t the sequence for justifying the final system: Setup>Layout options, to get to the note spacing dialogue, in Setup mode, rather than Write mode? Or is there more than one route into this in addition to the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+shift+L)?


Dear Michael,

You’re right, it’s the Setup menu in Setup mode to get to the Layout options :wink: Every user will choose the most convenient one (for me, cmd+shift+L is the best way, since I can access it from any mode)

You’re quite right that the Layout Options dialog is of course in the Setup menu, not the Write menu, but the key command does indeed work from any mode. I’ve corrected the menu path in my original reply.