sforzando and piano for one single note?

Hi, how can I write sforzando and piano (subito) in one line just straight one after another? Thank you
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You can advance the caret a bit to input the piano at the next rhythmic position. But you can also just write sfp as a single indication, if that suits you.

Thank you LSalgueiro, caret worked for me. I moved it one sixteenth note forward. Thank you. Your answer was very helpful😊 As about a single indication - entering “sfp” as you suggested results “fp subito” (not sfp or even not sfzp), entering “sfzp” - sfz only.

You are right, Dorico does that by default, but you can change the default behavior in Engraving Options > Dynamics > Appearance, or override that single dynamic (Subito forte style) in the Properties panel if that’s all you need.

OK, thank you. A goal actually was to write sfzp. Subito was here just an additional option. Idea with a caret helped me to achieve what I need. Thank you again:)
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Wonderful, then! If spacing doesn’t look quite right in some layout, you can always correct the position in Engrave mode.