SFX Library Editing Task Macro Help


We’ve been doing a lot of library recordings lately and I’m wanting to improve my editing workflow.

I’m trying to build a macro that will allow me to take a series of edits and move them end-to-end (ie… shuffle edit) and then nudge them to have a standard gap of time between them.

I’ve been looking through the manual and all the assignable shortcut keys and I’m having trouble finding a function that would do the equivalent of a shuffle edit (but align to cursor or cycle marker instead of a clip) and another function to then nudge the clips to have a standard gap of time between them.

The close gaps command looked promising, but it just extended the event boundaries instead of moving the events to close the gaps.

I’m relatively new to Nuendo and Cubase so it may be that I’m just not understanding the right terminology to search for within the manual.


Select the first event and then…


Transport - Locators to Selection
Navigate - Right
Transport - Go to Right Locator
Edit - Cut
Edit - Paste
Process Project Logical Editor - Shift selected events by 2 frames

Ahh, I see, I didn’t think to use cut and paste commands. Thank you! I will try this out.