Sh!t Guitarists Don't Say

Haha, that’s class :laughing:

They forgot one: “can I help you carry that?”

You’re just not a real guitarist, then! Burn in hell! I will solo for you! :imp:

:mrgreen: :laughing: :mrgreen:

yeah, tell me about it! I can say “been there, done that …” but I can’t say “bought the record” although I wish we made proper recordings then because now I have to re-record some old songs (hopefully the best ones … :confused: who knows?) right now from those days. There are some soloing here and there, which is an understatement. :blush: It means that I’ve done a lot of practicing to get back in shape. Not only that, I think I’ve surpassed my old self. To tell you the truth it’s much more fun than I could ever expect!!! :sunglasses: Funny thing though, the new songs are more groove, interplay and atmosphere based with less solos and less improvisation, more to the point leads and more harmony lines. Maybe I overdoesed on “deedeli-deedeli-deedeli-deedeli-Deeeeeeyyyyng …” :confused: :laughing:

I always thought it was doo-da-li doo-da-li doo-da-li doo-da-li dah-da-li dee-da-li dah-da-li doo-da-li doo-da-li doo-da-li doo-da-li doo-da-li dee-da-li doo-da-li dah-da-li doo-da-li wah-wahhhh !!!

or maybe not

I didn’t ever play to prove anything, I just played because it was fun to play.

then I hit the REC button!!! :astonished: :blush: :laughing:

That link leads to a plethora of $hit various people say or dont say… most entertaining. :laughing: