Shake and bend

I watched November Discover Dorico and I’m really looking forward for the Jazz Articulations amongst other things.

One thing that I notice is lack of (or not really) a common articulations - the shake.

I’m perfectly happy with using the trill symbol (wavy line) as a shake symbol - in fact a shake is a kind of a trill. It looks really nice and using the trill symbol I can make it as long and short as I want. But I need to be able to get rid of the “tr” which I don’t seem to be able to do in the Properties panel. If I could then it would be a great shake symbol.

Another thing that would be to get a wider bend symbol for brass techniques. It is bit narrow compared to what I’ve seen.


Haven’t you already asked for this?

I did!

But I didn’t get a response so I figured to make a thread about it. I thought maybe that my request got lost in the thread.

You have quite a few options with the PT editor. I made this one by inserting the selected glyph several times.

shake it up.png