Shakuhachi sound

I’m trying to recreate the flute sound featured at the beginning of Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer. With a bit of manipulation I’ve got something similar from the halion shakuhachi sound. One thing Id like to have is when a key is pressed, a grace note a whole step beneath the pressed key is heard before the actual note. Just like on the original song. Is this something I can do?

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Why not just play/perform it?
MIDI insert the grace note?

Yes I could play it but the original EMu sound has the grace note on every key and I’m just trying to recreate it as closely as possible.

You probably need to play and record each note with its grace note as a single sample and then assign each sample to the correct notes on the keyboard, so that pressing a single key will play both notes as you played them.

BTW I gave a listen to the original and it sounds like more than just one grace note.

If fact it sound to my ears like it is an entire Eb minor arpeggio.
So that would be four notes in total :

The lick goes up and then back down.

Eb/Gb/Bb/(as triplets) and then the top Eb note.
Then reverse the lick back down.

Pretty easy to play on a keyboard tho’. All black notes.
Give it a try.

Good Luck!


What about a pitch modulation envelope?

i agree with jaslan! Pitch env + velocity for the curve :sunglasses:

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