Shall I or shan't I update?

It’s decision time on whether to update from 7.5.3 to 7.5.4 (nothing critical in the pipeline at the moment).
I’ve seen the fors and againsts re this update, but just thought I’d toss this into the ring for a bit of feedback -

Any special problems with 5.4 (speed/loading times etc)?
Main benefits?


I’m reluctant to ever upgrade anything, but thats just me.

If you want to be safe, make a disk image before updating.

Always a good move.

and keep in mind

‘If it ain’t broke’…

Good luck!

What against have you heard about?

Mainly slow load times, freezing and there is a post in this forum related to EWQL, where the user rolled back to 7.5.3.
Nothing too critical I suppose.

Mainly after a bit of feedback as to whether it was a really beneficial update or more cosmetic.

Understood. Have you had a chance to check the version history in the other part of this Cubase 7 forum? Maybe that will help you decide as well.

Chased every post through since the release date and it all seems okay to me.
Basically just an innocuous question, out of interest, before I updated.
Not expecting the Spanish Inquisition :slight_smile:
Nobody expects…

You’re welcome!

I was gonna update from 7.5.20 to .30 or .40, but as Curteye says, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.
Of course now, I’m on 8.0.10, so I’m just leaving my 7.5.20 as is for older projects.

The update procedure was painless, of course. Time to go through the changes/fixes.
Thanks to all for your contributions.
Now, do I need 8 while the price is right ?? :slight_smile:

For the price you normally won’t have to do it. I’ve skipped versions in the past and will skip 8.0 this time. Usually the update prices are simply added if you’re two versions away. So 7.5 to 8.0 is €100,-, let’s say 8.0 to 8.5 will be €50,-, then the expected 7.5 to 8.5 price would be €150,-.

I updated to 8 Neil, but in reality I will be using less than half of the new features.

Maybe you could review the new features and see if you’ll really use them or not.

Otherwise, some claim performance improvements, and of course some don’t.

C7.5.40 was rock solid for me, FWIW. On 8 now, apart from the window handling on Windows 7 :unamused: no other problems, very stable and noticeably snappier, so just about to uninstall C7.

It’s always the case that there are 1 or 2 things in an update (7.5 to 8) that you could make use of, but many things you don’t need.
There’s always this lurking fear that you’ll get left behind.
I think they call it Marketing Techniques :slight_smile:
I came into 7.0 just as 7.5 came out and the transition from 4.5 (arjan P - I get your tip here) was a massive change.
I love 7.5 because it is so much better than 4.5, but I’m still getting to know all the features.
Render in place appeals and seems to be a good time saver, but I have a coffee machine when things are going to take a while.
Chord pads? sound like fun but I’d rather compose with my hands and ears !!
performance Boost - now this catches my eye. I don’t do massive projects (no more than 40-50 tracks including group & FX tracks), so the loading time is rarely an issue. But the blurb states: “The new audio engine now also means that even the most complex instruments and plug-ins run with stunning efficiency. This allows a lot lower latency while not out-powering your computer”. This may be an issue for me when Omnisphere 2 comes out in a few weeks time.
I already have issues with big patches & multis in Omni 1 even with the pc spec I’m currently using, so if I upgrade to Omni 2, this may be worse.
Having said that, if I remember correctly, Spectrasonics gear including Trilian & Omnisphere doesn’t make use of Asio guard anyway.
Not sure about the issues you have with window handling, Mr soundman, but I’m on Win 7 too, so I take note of your comments.
I’ve mulled about C8 since it was released, but I think I’m in a happy place with 7.5 and will be for a long time to come (it’s only a hobby after all).
Current feeling is I’ll stick with what I’ve got, although for £82, I could have them both running on the rig.

Big thanks to all for your input.

Cubase 8 is a huge improvement over Cubase 7.5, just the plugins that are seriously updated like the multi band compressor. Render in place is something you can’t live without when you first have worked with it. The performance on my computer went from the ASIO meter around 65% on the same project, to 25% in Cubase 8. That for me makes it the best bang for the bucks bargains out there.